2710, 2017

Dear Friends of the Buchstabenmuseum

October 27th, 2017|Main|

For 10 years we’ve been providing a substantial contribution to Berlin’s cultural diversity. Letter-ally thousands of visitors have been wowed by our unique collection over the years and we feel this deserves to be celebrated! So come and join us in our current home in the Holzmarktstraße 66 
on 25th September 2015 for one final party before we move, and celebrate [...]

2710, 2017


October 27th, 2017|Exhibition|

19 students and 1 museum: Beginning March 20, 2015, Buchstabenmuseum Berlin will present the results of a cooperation with HTW Berlin's Communication Design bachelor course, a degree-granting program within the university's Design and Culture Department, under the title “Colab”.

2710, 2017

The signs of the city

October 27th, 2017|Event|

The opening of the first permanent exhibition at the Buchstabenmuseum's new location Following the museum's move to its new location in HO|Berlin, a former GDR supermarket, the exhibition has been redesigned as well as thematically organized for the first time. Our exhibits are now presented across a roughly 350 square meter space. A special Berlin section will display old and new [...]