19 students and 1 museum

Beginning March 20, 2015, Buchstabenmuseum Berlin will present the results of a cooperation with HTW Berlin’s Communication Design bachelor course, a degree-granting program within the university’s Design and Culture Department, under the title “Colab”. In conjunction with the official opening of the museum’s shop, HTW students worked with the museum for one semester to develop appropriate products for the new store.

19 students in their third and fifth semesters participated in a typography course that explored the possibilities for creating economically viable products which meet the average Buchstabenmuseum visitor’s high artistic expectations. In teams or individually, under the direction of Professor Jürgen Huber, students developed products designed to fulfill a number of requirements. The majority of the museum’s visitors are tourists, who prefer small and handy products that can be easily transported on the sometimes long journey home.
Additionally, the museum shop’s tight quarters restrict display options, and the available production methods for small series of items are not comparable with industrial manufacture. These external challenges provided students an impetus to come up with clever solutions which capture the Buchstabenmuseum’s design flair and allow its colorful stories to be taken home, no matter the distance.

The exhibition will introduce the students’ 16 products and test them according to visitor responses. Already, both students and museum eagerly await the exhibition results, which will determine whose work will live on in the museum shop and from there, conquer the world!

Exhibition: 21.03. – 31.05.2015
Opening times: Thu–Sun, 1–5pm