In July 2022, the new in-house museum “Kulturwerk” was opened in the building Unter den Linden, the State Library of Berlin. It is located in the rear wing, under the large reading room.

On display are around 300 exhibits from the State Library’s holdings, including treasures such as Johann Sebastian Bach’s B minor Mass or the Gutenberg Bible.
To mark the way there, eight selected Ks from the Buchstabenmuseum’s collection have been set up, such as from the lettering “Korsett Engelke”, “Handwerkskammer Berlin” or the Viennese leather goods shop “Bartik”.
These now light the way to the “Kulturwerk”.
Another exhibit from our collection swims in the pool in the inner courtyard: a blue fish from the legendary “Zierfische” lettering from Frankfurter Tor, Berlin.

The cooperation runs until the beginning of December 2022.
Admission to the “StaBi” as well as the “Kulturwerk” is free of charge.