Our Museum is closed and you are missing your daily Type Input?

From today on we start our campaign A MOVIE A DAY … and we will post a daily TYPE LINK.
Quickly clicked you will see entertaining as well as informative short or longer movies around letters.

Have fun!

Do you have a literal link for us? Then please send us the link with short info. Note: we reserve the right to select and edit the links sent.

We start with a little ABC:

Cycling, San Francisco 2017 (via/Thanks to Exploratorium, San Francisco) (Facebook, YouTube)

Down to the smallest detail, »My Masterpiece« 2018 (via/Thanks to Hina Aoyama) (YouTube)

Illegal Alphabet, Modern Toss 2012 (via/Thanks to Peter Kloser) (YouTube)

Ice Letters, Dünkirchen 2013 (via/Thanks to Lettercamp, Dimitri Vazemsky) (YouTube)

For topical reasons, 2020 (via/Thanks to Lettering Time) Facebook

Type Music: The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson) Ludwigshafen 2008 (via/Thanks to Martin Breinschmid and Strauß Festival Orchestra Vienna)) YouTube

Turn Table: Side A (via/Thanks to Tim Mitchell) Facebook

Penis vs. Owl (via/Thanks to Tour de France 2019 [and Fritz]) YouTube

Type Shirt (via/Thanks to Style Insider) Facebook

The »Grammer Vigilante« (via/Thanks to BBC) Link

Stone cutter (via/Thanks to Scholz Naturstein GmbH, Zeitlarn/ Regensburg) YouTube

Mechanical Mirrows (via/Thanks to insider) YouTube

»Mrs. Eveas«, Gemma O’Brian (via/Thanks to TYPO International Design Talks) YouTube